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Presented:imm cologne 2018, Cologne
Categories: KitchenKitchen accessories
Product description

Designed by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström, the new accessories in the String+ range bring totally new functionality to the String System: wine glasses can be stored in a filigree hang er rack mounted to the underside of the shelf. Hanging upside down, the glasses are held by several rails. Based on the ladder - like wire panels of the classic shelf design, the rack is available in white, grey and black. It can be mounted to all metal shelves.

The new bottle tray provides safe and easily accessible storage for beverages. Available in white, grey and black, the modules simply sit on the shelf, with each one accommodating two bottles.

After presenting solutions for the hallway for the first t ime last year, String will now complement its versatile product portfolio with matching hangers. Lined up on a rod mounted to the underside of the metal shelf, coats and jackets will now find a perfect place on the white, grey and black hangers based on th e design of the side panels.

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Anna von Schewen

Björn Dahlström