string® works wire screen

Product description

The ladder -like structure of the String side panels is mirrored in this panel made from steel wire. Mounted on the desk, with a height of 35.5 cm and a width of 57.8 cm, the panel provides a visual and acoustic screen in larger office spaces without cutting the user off completely. Neat and useful: notes can be fixed to the wires, which increases the screen effect.
Privacy can be further enhanced with an additional textile cover that can be slipped over the multifunctional panel: the cover provides even more noise insulation and, with its subtle grey colour, it makes for an elegant and unobtrusive visual screen in open-plan offices. The textile cover can also be used as a handy bulletin board for posting memos and other papers with thumbtacks.

Width578 mm
Height355 mm
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Björn Dahlström

Anna von Schewen

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