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Do you want to sit down or do you prefer standing while working? The new height -adjustable String desk allows you to change your posture depending on the situation and your personal preferences. Using its electrical motor, you can adjust the desk effortlessly up to a height of 118.5 cm, thus providing a standing desk for back relief . In addition it serves as an ideal focus for short, ad-hoc meetings. The tabletop rests on two trestles made of slim metal tubes that give the desk an extraordinarily light appearance. A low plastic drawer, which can be mounted underneath the top, provides storage space for small utensils such as pens and paper clips. When closed, the drawer is almost invisible. Meddlesome power cables elegantly disappear in a cleverly designed cable tray. With an optional PC holder, the computer can be stored below the tabletop. Thanks to its slim form and beautiful design, the new desk in the String Works range also makes for a beautiful piece of furniture in the home. The tabletop is available in a white, ash or oak finish . By the way: working while standing increases energy expenditure, thus helping you keep fit.

Length 1600 mm
Height 715 - 1185 mm
Depth 780 mm
Table top shape rectangular
Functions height adjustable
Material metal (unspecified)
Colors white
shades of brown
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string, Sweden

Anna von Schewen

Björn Dahlström

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