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Product description

Superline is a spectacular mix of the raw and the refined—a brilliant example of the idiosyncratic style of Fredrikson Stallard’s Glaciarium collection. Its components evoke organic qualities—such as the way raw crystal splinters into spiky shards, or how ripples appear to move across the light’s surface—as much as they make the most of the complex production techniques developed by Swarovski.

Look closely, and you can see how the distinctive line-up of exposed, irregular crystals has been ingeniously mounted to all face different ways. This maximizes LED refraction and produces a fascinating and entirely unexpected play of light. Any passing breeze or movement adds to the drama. Furthermore, with both the Pear crystal and Shard crystal options offered in a choice of three lengths—1000, 1500 and 2000mm—the dimmable Superline is extremely versatile, and especially suited to be used as creative installations in retail and business interiors. Add to this the fact that for challenging or cutting-edge design projects, it makes a superb accent piece in any irregular or ultra-modern space.

Stand/ mountingwith pendant hanging
Length1000 mm / 1500 mm / 2000 mm
Height40 mm
Diameter25 mm
Weight3 kg / 4.5 kg / 6 kg
Materialcrystal glass
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