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Presented:imm cologne 2016, Cologne
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Product description

Take a seat in fashion – the chair lui achieves that with pleasure. This piece of furniture masterfully unifies the highest standards in comfort and design. Impressive and confident in appearance, lui is in the future-oriented design language that already characterizes the table tak: clear lines, plastic forms.

Elegant and casual at the same time: The geometric forms of the natural wood frame incorporate the soft curving of the seat shell perfectly. The legs, which are connected in a crisscross manner and flared slightly backward, achieve a special effect. With visible wood joints, this complex game of lines contrasts the soft volumes of the upholstery. The special characteristics of the materials were captured with utmost perfection: Similar to a piece of clothing the cover straightens itself out on the vaulted backside, while an attractive arrangement of folds arises on the relaxed inside. What seems nonchalant and random, is elaborately draped according to traditional upholstery handwork from a single, continuous leather cutout. Another style quote from fashion design is the double stitched felled seam: Known from the classic jeans, it seems just as casual and timeless as them. And this is how the version in Softstrick appears no less exciting: Like a knitted sweater that sits perfectly, the cover stitched in one piece nestles up to the upholstery. The high elasticity of the material provides the soft seat feeling and the extraordinary comfort. lui makes a friendly face even in Softstrick, which recalls laughter wrinkles in a leather cover due to the craftsmanship indentations.

Classy like an arm chair and yet with all four legs firmly on the floor – the ergonomic foam forms of the seat shell invite you to spend some time on it. The shell of the chair lui nestles up form-wise to a human body. Created obviously for relaxed sitting, the three-dimensional molding also allows an upright, active sitting position in the rear of the seating surface, for example while dining or for animated discussions at the table. With so much seating comfort, it’s no longer about keeping your composure but rather sitting back and relaxing.

Seat finishwith upholstery
Base finishwith legs
Backrest finishwith back padding
Armrest finishwithout armrests
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Jacob Strobel