lui chair with swivel base

Product description

Visible wood joints and the cross-connected, flared legs are distinguishing features and provide lui with its exceptional stability. The new version replaces the solid mount underneath the elegant seat shell with a swivel base made of aluminium. It is as light and organic in form as the wood frame. Exceptional comfort is maintained thanks to the seat’s superior-quality swivel mechanism, which returns the chair to its natural position when the user stands up. It can be selected in glossy, matt black, or with a stainless steel finish. The lui swivel chair provides mobile comfort while eating or enjoying one another’s company, but it is an equally ideal choice for the home office – combined with the sol or atelier desk, for example.

Thanks to meticulous, loving handiwork, all four lui chair upholstery variants – (fabric, natural leather, leather and Softstrick) – are graced with the piece’s stylish and distinctive creases, which speak to its high-quality construction, and lend the chair its charmingly seductive appearance. This chair’s appearance is always inviting and stylish. Additionally, the hand-made indentations ensure that the high-quality wool cover always fits perfectly.

Seat finish with upholstery
Base finish with star shaped base
Backrest finish with back padding
with backrest
Armrest finish without armrests
Material metal (unspecified)
textiles (unspecified)
leather (unspecified)
Colors black
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TEAM 7, Austria

Jacob Strobel

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by TEAM 7

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