e_serie container cuboid high

Product description

Iconic objects for everyday needs
The term "container" sounds almost disrespectful, yet it hits the nail on the head: because our e_serie containers are ideally suitable for stowing and storing, displaying and presenting, selling and dre

aming. Having acquired iconic status over the years, the e_serie today is not only found in private homes but also at opticians and jewellers, banks or representative offices - to name just a few examples. Thanks to various sizes and a multitude of materi

al options, our containers offer an almost limitless range of uses. Various drawer heights as well as an option without doors for frequent using make the e_serie a true all-rounder.

Width540 mm
Height1800 mm
Depth540 mm
Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage
Materialnut wood
Colorsshades of brown
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team'by'wellis ' , Switzerland

Kurt Erni