Giro media console

Presented:imm cologne 2011, Cologne
Categories: Home furnitureHi-Fi / tv-furniture
Product description

Giro is a new type of modular concept featuring only 17 elements, yet offering limitless design opportunities. The modules can be stacked and combined side-by-side, lengthwise and diagonally and even made to overhang. Having attracted a great deal of atte

ntion since its successful launch in 2009/10, the concept is now growing vertically. Available in heights of 115.2 and 134.4 cm and featuring coloured varnish, sapele veneer, glass or gold leaf, the objects have a sculptural quality and work equally well

as elegant display cases or flexibly redefinable unique specimens.

The ingenious principle of Giro: it incorporates a special mechanism that allows the stackable elements to be slid around or rotated 180° about their axes. Giro keeps refreshing an

d reinventing itself, its elements standing out from the monotonous surface.

Height384 mm
Base finishcantilevered
Backrest finishwith backrest
Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage
Table finishfour-legged table
Colorsshades of grey
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team'by'wellis ' , Switzerland

Kurt Erni