Monolit extension element

Monolit extension element
Product description

Monolit is a family of 17 core elements that combine and recombine to offer virtually infinite scope and unheard of design possibilities for exacting spatial solutions. The heterogeneous shapes and sizes of the elements lend themselves to integration with

in virtually any home situation. Passages, corridors and corners can be furnished with ease thanks to Monolit, which enhances their usefulness. Despite the new sideboard's compact dimensions, it is stunningly cavernous inside. The various storage depths o

ffered by the elements provide a better overview of the contents, as well as easier access. The asymmetrically divided doors open to reveal a new approach to orderliness.

Width873 mm
Height1178 mm
Cupboard front finishswinging double door frontage
shades of brown
shades of grey
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team'by'wellis ' , Switzerland

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