Presented:Architect@Work 2012, Stuttgart
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Product description

The trend continues for equipping high-quality heavy-duty doors with additional electronic accessories for greater ease of use and safety. In fact, it will continue to grow in the coming years, and the possible applications will significantly increase. The integration of motorised locks, multi-point locks, access- and door control systems, and multimedia elements, is becoming standard practice.

With TECTUS Energy, new model in the TECTUS range of fully concealed hinges, permanent energy transfer is possible without losing the creative aspect of the flush interior design. TECTUS Energy combines design, function and technology, creating space for new ideas.

A guaranteed and permanent energy transfer is essential for the installation and operation of electronic components in high-quality heavy-duty doors. With TECTUS Energy, the door leaf receives a guaranteed and permanent energy supply from the frame, without weakening the structure of the door or frame. The technology provided by TECTUS Energy offers compatibility with all the most popular designs for locks and fittings while preserving all the technical and visual features of the fully concealed TECTUS hinge system.

Features at a glance

- preserves all the technical and visual features of the TECTUS hinge system
- energy transfer through 16 wires at 0.8-A/hinge
- compatibility with all the most popular designs for locks and fittings thanks to the round cable supplied as a connecting socket
- simple to fit and remove thanks to a pluggable/unpluggable reverse-polarity-protected plug connection with integrated tension relief
- 180 ° opening angle without pinching or damage during opening and closing
- cost effective due to the elimination of costly additional milling in frame and door leaf
- avoids weakening the door and frame structure
- design- and function-oriented door design

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