A 1660

Product description

Organic in its shape, well-proportioned and reduced to a minimum. The details make this table something special. The exciting contrast between wood and metal, the elegantly curved lines of the tabletops, and the edges of the tabletop that are beveled towards the bottom make the table look lightweight and clear. With their diverse forms and dimensions and the broad selection of tabletop surfaces they can be used in many ways: in homes, restaurants and cafés, as well as meeting rooms.

Single-column table with round or square tabletops, in diverse dimensions. Star base in polished aluminium, chrome-plated steel column.

Width 800 - 2200 mm
Height 740 mm
Depth 800 - 1200 mm
Diameter 900 mm / 1200 mm
Table finish legged radial
Table top shape oval
Working height
Material aluminium
black cherry
nut wood
chrome steel
Colors chrome
shades of red
shades of grey
shades of brown

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for A 1660

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