Product description

PARROT defines a new genre of luminaire. Fully portable and cable less, this innovativelighting tool liberates our conception of light from static source to fluid entity. With integralqualities of movement and transformation, it enables the user to create different lightsituations in multiple contexts. PARROT enhances this mobility with its powerful battery,adaptive design, and intuitive light control.

With its powerful integrated battery and innovative charging stone, PARROT is never affixedand always free to move. PARROT provides up to 10 hours of battery life on full power,increasing exponentially to more than 100 hours when dimmed.

Adaptable Body
PARROT´s lightweight aluminum-body is height-adjustable by 42cm, with a 30° tilt and 310°rotation to the lamp head. PARROT may be used for reading, working, at the bed, desk, as anarchitectural light, or a mobile sculptural object.

Intuitive Light Control
PARROT’s high-efficiency 10W LEDs provide 800 Lumen and top colour rendering of CRI>90in a beautiful, sun-like disc of light. The lamp is dimmed via an intuitive touch-sensitive panelwhich also discretely displays the battery charge status. Our integrated warmDIMtechnology automatically adjusts colour temperature according to brightness. Swipe thedimmer up, and PARROT provides a crisper, brighter light. Swipe down, and the light softensto a gentle amber glow. Light settings can also be adjusted via Bluetooth.

PARROT's formal language is minimal yet fluid. As an abstraction of the human body, thelamp’s expression changes according to the lamp height, the position of the lamp head, theintensity of light, and situation. In every position, the thin illuminated head touches the bodytangentially, allowing the head to rotate and tilt freely and animating the entire design witha delicate, dynamic expression. PARROT comes in four different colors that match thenatural associations towards lighting: fresh blue light in the morning, orange sundown,bright day, and dark night.

Joyful Use
PARROT is a new tool for lighting, channeling intuition and experimentation in its minimalistform. Like sound and music, light is a situational medium that strongly influences perceptionof place, social interaction, and well-being. With its integral qualities of transformation,movement, and expression, PARROT transforms light into a fluid, performative, andinteractive entity. Just like phones, computers and speakers, light is free now.

Emission classA++ - A
Stand/ mountingwith footplate
Diffuser/reflector shapecircular
light blue

Tobias Grau, Germany

Melchior Grau

Timon Grau

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