Set Trio

Set Trio
Product description

The TRACE track system permits a sequence of spots and pendant lamps. Various track lengths can be individually combined with different luminaires and spots. The tracks are either mounted directly onto the ceiling or suspended from it. The ballasts are concealed inside the tracks, which can be joined to create the required length using a connector.

SET is a dainty, elegant spot with a high light output. With above-average glare control and equipped with the LENSE range of interchangeable lenses, it is equally suitable for private and professional settings. The range can also be used in sanitary areas. Available with chrome, copper, white and black finishes.

Width 500 mm
Height 45 mm
Emission class A++ - A
Stand/ mounting fixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shape cylindrical
Height head of lamp 91 mm
Diameter head of lamp 60 mm
Colors black
copper / bronze
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Tobias Grau, Germany

Tobias Grau

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