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Product description

TEAM HOME is the first sophisticated office lamp for the home. An innovative light for the home office that can be attached to any surface in seconds with its clamp. With the integrated Tunable White technology, light colors can be easily adjusted.

Technical specs:
Light Power: ~ 1400 lm, 23 W
Light Quality: CRI > 90
Light Distribution: 100 % direct
Tunable White: 2700 – 6500 K
Advanced Sensors: Motion + Light
Material: Aluminium

Groups of lamps should integrate into the architecture harmoniously. With TEAM, we developed five lamp typologies in one unified design language, as one interconnected system. The consistent, minimalist aesthetic empowers planners to create and scale up lighting systems. From individual hot-desking schemes to large co-working stations, or in the home office, you can now illuminate every office set-up with the same formal elegance.

Light quality defines your wellbeing and focus at work. To deliver the most even and efficient illumination, TEAM features hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses to distribute light precisely across the entire desk surface. This BEAM LENS technology also provides outstanding de-glaring and a colour accuracy of CRI 90 - setting a brilliant new standard for the quality of workplace lighting.

To maximise performance, we took a radical approach to miniaturisation. Designed and manufactured in Germany, all components were engineered and optimised to create the most effective light system yet. The slim aluminum body functions as an airflow-cooling-system, to deliver the exceptional light output, while being ⅔ smaller than any high performance lamp we’ve ever designed before.

Fully-automatic lighting creates a comfortable and energy efficient workplace. Brightness sensors adjust light settings for consistent illumination - as if by magic. Advanced motion sensors switch the lamp on when you're nearby and off when you're away. All this within a revolutionary flat sensor design which maintains the series’ streamlined aesthetic.

With three decades of experience in pioneering lighting design, we were uncompromising in the design and engineering of TEAM. In a bold teamwork and a belief in the transformative power of light, we have set out to create the best workplace lighting yet.

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Tobias Grau, Germany

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