CHIPS lounge chair

Product description

Chips hits the mark. The commanding, airy backrest, which also forms part of the chair base, resembles the typical shape of a potato chip. The backrest stands in strong contrast to the massive seat, which is supported by moulded plywood. In addition, seating comfort is enhanced with a removable back pillow.

Next to its sensual shape, Chips is interesting for its manual wood-bending production process. It all begins with steaming the beechwood in special steam baths, where it stays for several hours. Once steamed, the wood is placed into metal moulds and secured by a special flange that applies pressure and allows it to be shaped into a new form. The wood is then dried, left to acclimatise for several weeks, sanded, stained and varnished. In Bystřice pod Hostýnem furniture has been made this way since 1861.

Material wood (unspecified)
textiles (unspecified)
Colors black

TON, Czech Republic

Lucie Koldová

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