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A Troldtekt design solution allows you to combine good acoustics and a healthy indoor climate with expression and character. You can create your own patterns and rhythms in the design – and vary and scale the given design. This gives you great freedom to harmonise form and function in all types of buildings.

Troldtekt® curves
Join the elegant design wave by choosing Troldtekt curves. This design protected solution consists of acoustic panels with curved grooves. Each panel has four narrow curved grooves alongside a wider groove cut in the centre of the panel. Troldtekt curves offers a seamless surface, with a lengthwise pattern of repetitive, soft curves. All the grooves match up on the short sides, so you can turn panels 180 degrees during installation without problem. Troldtekt curves is design protected and has Registered Community Design no. RCD 006303343.

Troldtekt® dots
If you want a cohesive surface with a dynamic pattern of circular elements, choose Troldtekt dots. The surface of each acoustic panel features 66 round indentations, varying in size from 20 to 60 millimetres in diameter. The size of the indentations increases and decreases in a pattern across each panel – and this pattern is reflected in the entire surface when the panels are installed in stretcher bond.

Troldtekt® line
Troldtekt line provides an elegant, uniform ceiling surface with no visible joints, and the peaceful look characteristic of timber batten ceilings. Troldtekt line acoustic panels have lengthwise surface grooves. Each panel has ten evenly spaced grooves. When the acoustic panels are joined together, the grooves are continuous along the entire surface, offering a seamless look. Each long side of the panel has a half groove, so that an extra groove is formed where panels are joined on the wall or ceiling.

Troldtekt® line design
Troldtekt line design has milled grooves in the surface and overlapping edges on all sides. When you join the panels, the result is continuous grooves with a seamless look and invisible joints. You perceive the surface pattern as a whole, and it is difficult to detect where the panels meet. The solution is available in four variants, which can be freely combined. You can choose to have equal or varying intervals between the grooves, determining the rhythm of the resulting look.

Troldtekt® puzzle
This solution gives you the freedom to create a surface with repetitive or random patterns. Troldtekt puzzle is made up of square acoustic panels with four equal sections. Three of the four sections have diagonal, vertical or horizontal grooves cut. You can continue the pattern from panel to panel, and vary the effect by offsetting the rows or turning some panels 90, 180 or 270 degrees. It is entirely up to you which ‘puzzle’ is presented on the surface.

Troldtekt® tiles
Troldtekt tiles results in a design with a pattern of rectangles which can vary in size. The solution consists of quadratic acoustic panels with milled parallel grooves in the surface. The panels are available in five variants, which can be freely combined. Panels can also be rotated 90 degrees, resulting in a broken and more varied look in the surface. A half groove has been cut on all sides of each panel, so that an extra groove of the same size is formed where two panels join.

Troldtekt® tilt line
This solution results in a multifaceted surface. Each acoustic panel has six angled grooves, and milled half grooves along the outer edges. This results in continuous straight grooves at the joints between panels, and an elegant combination of angled and straight grooves. If the panels are installed in offset rows, you can choose to have some of the angled grooves continue between rows. You can also freely vary the offset, or turn some panels 180 degrees, to give the design a different rhythm.

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