Presented:Cersaie 2011, Bologna
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The latest creation from the Elements collection from Tubes - the Soho radiator - becomes a totem for the contemporary home and is presented at Cersaie 2011 in a brand new double version. This version is architectural and imposing, confirming its value as an ideal furnishing accessory for lofts, large spaces and public spaces.
This version is a reinterpretation of the classic "radiator", with its cast iron elements in strong shapes. The creative concept of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba returns to past memories and plays on the repetition of the module, transforming the piece into an icon with a strongly minimalist character.

The double version of Soho is extremely versatile and can be positioned on a wall or freestanding to reach a height of 240 or 180 cm respectively. The piece takes on a statuesque presence when positioned in the centre of a room and can be sloped in both the vertical and horizontal versions.
Whichever version is selected, the allure of the archetype is brought back to life in the design which frees the heating element from its original aesthetic form, focussing on the basic shape of its parts.
Soho is a radiator of the latest generation, constructed with hot-drawn aluminium sections, linked to each other via a patented combination and locking system. This radiator combines research, innovation and care for the environment.
A key basic feature of the model is its considerable water saving, about 75% less compared to a traditional tubular radiator with the same thermal output.
Therefore, Soho rightfully fits into the category of current eco-sustainable products as it ensures low energy consumption and is made entirely from recyclable aluminium. The result is a lighter weight and a reduced quantity of material used in the production cycle.
Soho is perfect for low energy buildings (class A, class B and even passive buildings) as its extremely low water requirement and excellent heat response make it the most efficient system around in terms of comfort, cost and management.

Tubes is a company that has always been very aware of eco-sustainability and new construction technologies, focussing on research and experimentation with the aim of achieving a balance between maximum energy efficiency and quality aesthetics.
Soho provides an excellent response in technical terms, with regard to the time taken to reach full capacity and maintaining a comfortable room temperature, contributing to the characterisation of every environment with its strong personality.

Width176 - 1332 mm
Height600 - 2800 mm
shades of grey
shades of brown
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Tubes, Italy

Ludovica + Roberto Palomba

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