M1 Sting Ray

Categories: Garden furnishingssunshades / awnings
Product description

TUUCI's latest innovations in shade architecture bring graceful imagination to tensile fabric construction with these new freestanding shade sculptures. This free-form shade collection which is constructed of TUUCI's own armor-wall, marine-grade, aluminum components not only provides lavish shade but inspires the soul with its artistic interpretation of the natural world. Built as bothpermanent and portable shade fixtures, TUUCI's Shade Sculpture Collection completes an open air living space with abundant shade in a masterfully artfull ensemble.

"Design-in-motion" best describes TUUCI's latest shade innovation. An expansive wing to wing birth of shade puts the M1-Stingray in a class of its own. With a blend of elements from the natural world and state-of-the-art marine-grade materials, the Stingray is both distinctive and durable. Rotating 360 degrees around its vertical axis, the sculpture can position itself for shade at any time of the day. From the smallest detail of its intricately laced, tensile shade skin to the polished, wrought aluminum armor-wall mast, the M1-Stingray is built for years of blissful and inspired shade luxury.

Length4000 mm
Width2750 mm
textiles (unspecified)
shades of brown
shades of green
shades of blue
shades of beige
shades of yellow
shades of grey
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet

TUUCI, Netherlands