Ocean Master Edge

Categories: Garden furnishingssunshades / awnings
Product description

Shade engineering and design, it's constructed to withstand the harshest global environments. TUUCI's patented modular operating systems and marine-grade construction provide extreme durability, dependability and ease of use. Available in both classic and contemporary designs, the Ocean Master perfectly complements any environment desiring luxurious styling, unparalleled performance and incredible ambiance.

Its exquisitely thin shade profile is stunning from any angle. Designed with aluminum struts, high-tension fabric and marine-grade components, this exquisite oasis of shade is built to endure.

Diameter3050 mm
Materialtextiles (unspecified)
shades of brown
shades of green
shades of blue
shades of beige
shades of yellow
shades of grey
shades of orange
shades of red
shades of violet
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TUUCI, Netherlands