USM Inos Box

Product description

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Whether socks, terrycloth towels, knives, forks, Lego blocks, keys or your cell phone – USM Inos brings order to your life and helps you organise your home’s interior. The new product consists of soft-looking boxes in four sizes that fit seamlessly into the best-selling USM Haller system size: 750 x 350 x 350 mm. Thanks to the two 250 and 500 mm widths, you can combine the boxes in almost any way. A lid lets you stack them high. It's also a stylish tray for serving or showcasing on its own. The USM Inos box is made from polyester fleece just like the USM Privacy Panels presented in 2015. This material is durable but also wonderfully tactile – so it's ideal for use in your own home. Boxes and trays are available in light grey and anthracite.

This new product was created in cooperation with the renowned Swiss design studio atelier oï. For the Salone del Mobile, it continues with the concept of modularity and playing with the sizes of the boxes and their proportion to the USM system grid. Covered completely in the polyester fleece of the boxes, the booth itself is transformed into a cozy, comfortable home that provides visitors with a private look into the boxes and their inner structure. A 3D projection provides a silhouette of this content floating in the air and gives the booth a delicate lightness.

Width250 mm / 500 mm
shades of grey

USM, Switzerland

Atelier Oï Architecture et Design