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Product description

A significant reduction of frame elevations and a clear appearance are valued features in modern architecture. With the 3D receiver installed in the door leaf, the new VARIANT Compact hinge system offers an ideal solution for the trend for filigree frame constructions.

The compact, stable hinge-and-receiver unit can withstand high load values up to 200 kg and is suitable for use on functional doors in the field of fire and smoke protection. An elegant cover for the receiver in the door leaf provides the finishing touch to this innovative hinge solution.

When used with the slimline frame designs, the alternative version Planum with its reduced, slim knuckle, just 15 mm in diameter, and a high load capacity of 160 kg, further underlines the door element´s straight-lined appearance in the residential and heavy-duty sectors.

Furthermore, the VARIANT Compact can also be used for a future-oriented topic: "Renovation of existing doors". Replacing the receiver in the door leaf means that existing frames can continue to be used, saving both time and money, and the door element can be fitted with a modern hinge system.

Features at a glance

- hinge and receiver form a compact, solid unit
- adjustable receiver in the door leaf
- comfortable 3D adjustment
- load capacities up to 200 kg
- alternative model with reduced, slim knuckle diameter of 15 mm
- solution options for the future topic “Refurbishment of Existing Houses”

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