VARIANT Finger Protection

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Product description

Danger lurks around every corner for children on a daily basis. Some painful experiences are a part of growing up – but most of them are better avoided. In nurseries, the responsibility towards their young visitors is immense, as, unfortunately, are the potential dangers. In order to counter these dangers adequately from the point of view of both building law and safety requirements, the laws governing the workplace and the regulations for the prevention of accidents in nurseries must be accommodated.

Finger protection

Under the German Social Accident Insurance, special safety measures must be taken to counter the risks created by pinching and shearing points on the closing edges of doors. In close collaboration with architects and designers, SIMONSWERK has developed a hinge system for doors with finger-trap protection requirements.

VARIANT® Finger Protection reliably protects against fingers being trapped in the secondary closing edges of doors while at the same time satisfying the demand for high-quality, attractive interior design.

Thanks to a semi-circular door-leaf cladding on the hinge side that complements the door material, the entire finger-trap protection system gives the appearance of being all of a piece. The high-quality hinge from the VARIANT® VX brand forms the connection between the door and the frame. The continuous clearance of just 3.5 mm with every opening angle poses no danger for little hands.

- Load values of up to 120 kg with two hinges per sash
- for wooden frames
- for 3D adjustable receivers VARIANT® VX

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