Pedestral VERSA P

Product description

The open layout of office landscapes today, with their need to house the most important documents within the immediate reach of the user, means that the VERSA P pharmacy cabinet is increasingly becoming an interesting storage alternative.

The storage space in the pull-out trolley can not only be used as a binder store, but can also be fitted with drawers, a storage tray, suspension frames and a private compartment. The fully extensible drawers then take on the function of the classic mobile or pedestal storage unit. The filing unit replaces the filing cabinet, which has had its day. And the optional private compartment, which can be locked with a separate key, increases security in the workplace. In addition, the storage space can be extended by stacking further cabinets on top if required.

Even in the lowest variant, the under-counter pharmacy cabinet, it is possible to provide all the fittings from the binder shelf to the suspension frame. The side pharmacy cabinet can be used to extend the working area of the table. The 2 to 3 BH cabinets help to create a private area, with the pull-out trolley extended or not, and can act as room dividers. And if the user is tired of sitting down all the time, it is possible to stand at these tables to work.

The under-counter cabinet, table-height side cabinet and the 3 BH cabinets are 450 mm wide and 800/900/1000 mm deep respectively.

Width 450 mm
Depth 800 mm / 900 mm / 1000 mm
Material wood (unspecified)
metal (unspecified)
Colors black
shades of green
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige
All RAL-Colours possible
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VARIO, Germany

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