Schranksystem M7 Auflieger

Product description

VARIO M7 is an extension to VARIO STAGE, creating a space efficient, angled workplace plus personal storage. The M7 sit-on replaces one table leg, while reducing floor space and creating visual tranquility. The storage cabinets function as spacers and guarantee the required effective area. The rear panel with its textile finishing is optional – adding a cosy and comfortable character to VARIO M7.

It is incredibly easy to create different scenarios within open spaces, thanks to the flexible combination of desk and sit-on: one can arrange VARIO M7 in blocks, in line or individually as group workstations.

Cupboard front finish sliding front
with drawers
Material wood (unspecified)
metal (unspecified)
Colors black
shades of grey
shades of brown
shades of beige
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VARIO, Germany

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