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Product description

Bryce Canyon, famous for its unique geological rock formations, is a National Park situated in the south-western corner of the American state of Utah. Because of the action of alternating forces of freezing and melting, the limestone and sandstone formati

ons are gradually being eroded away, eventually to form the so-called ‘hoodoos'. As a consequence, the worn-off tops are being transformed into fantastic shapes and forms that, through the effect of sunlight falling on them, create an interplay of beautif

ul colours.
It is these particularly shaped structures that inspired the VASCO designers to develop a radiator composed of vertical aluminium profiles, a concept that causes the light rays striking them to reflect in multiple colour variations, dependi

ng on their angle of impact. With this aluminium radiator, VASCO has introduced a new look to home heating. The Bryce is a fully closed radiator. Connection points and other awkward elements are hidden from the eye. The execution in aluminium promotes mor

e efficient heat radiation and at the same time, because of its light weight, has an aesthetic look to it.

Width 409 mm / 512 mm / 615 mm
Height 1600 mm / 1800 mm / 2000 mm / 2200 mm
Material aluminium
Colors white
shades of brown