Fida folding mat

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Product description

In cooperation with VIAL, Patrick Frey has developed a modern concept for portable, comfortable seating – the FIDA folding mat. Spending time together and relaxing can now happen anywhere – in the park, in the garden or even in your own living room.

just a few simple steps the unfurled folding mat is transformed into a fully functional, comfortable piece of seating: the two corners of one of the shorter sides are bent backwards and connected with a fastener. An upright triangle is formed that serves

as a comfortable and stable backrest.

FIDA can be folded up like a blanket and easily transported anywhere. When unfolded, the soft and water-repellent folding mat is ideal for stretching out and relaxing at the beach or on the grass. Once it’s tr

ansformed into seating, FIDA promotes a contemporary form of easy-going conviviality – be it in the garden or in your own living room. FIDA received the iF product design award 2011.

The 1.8 kg mat is made of the high quality and hardwearing outdoo

r material CORDURA®, it is filled with PU foam.

Pictures 1-5: Photo Constantin Meyer, Cologne
Picture 6: Photo
Pictures 7-10: Photo © VIAL

Length1720 mm
Width1170 mm
Height10 mm
Weight180 kg
Colorsshades of blue
shades of red
shades of grey

VIAL, Germany

Patrick Frey