Halley 4155

Halley 4155
Presented: Light+Building 2010, Frankfurt
Stylepark-ID: 04.3803.00149
Categories: Interior lightingStanding lamps
Outdoor lightingStanding lamps
Product description

HALLEY opens up a whole new universe in outdoor lighting. HALLEY springs from the need to light up the night so as to make the most of any moment or situation. The light from HALLEY looks like a new comet: its arcs generate a beam of light which cuts through the night to create a magical, comfortable, cosy atmosphere.

HALLEY, designed by Jordi Vilardell & Meritxell Vidal, achieves a combination of enormous sensitivity, high technology and excellent functionality.
Thanks to its extreme ease of assembly and dismantling, any outdoor space can be illuminated with a comfortable, uniform light. HALLEY enables you to light tables or larger areas, creating a warm atmosphere which invites you to enjoy the night.

HALLEY is visually a very light piece, concealing a high-tech luminaire which meets the highest quality standards. The HALLEY system conforms to IP64, guaranteeing watertightness out of doors. The diffuser profile contains an LED strip to create a striking effect by perfect diffusion of the light.

Each arc consists of three pieces which click together easily. The bases are connected to the arc in the same way. This ease of assembly and installation makes HALLEY exceptionally easy to move from one place to another.

The HALLEY system comes in three basic versions: floor-to-floor, floor-to-wall and floor-to-clamp, making different compositions possible to suit the place to be lit.

The bases are designed to be coupled to one another to form a continuous series of compositions of arcs, so creating a set of beams of light with a personality of its own. HALLEY offers a variety of solutions to conveniently illuminate any situation at an event or in a corner of the garden or terrace.

HALLEY has a magical personality, carefully conceived and designed in painstaking detail to share an outdoor setting. Opening up a whole new universe.

Emission class A++ - A
Light regulation one light level
Stand/ mounting with footplate
Inspection seal /certification CE
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP64 dust-proof/protection against: splashing water
Safety class class I (protective earthing)
Fire prevention classes F
Material polycarbonate (PC)
Colors black
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