Vanity washbasin Finion

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IF Design Award 2017

red dot design award 2017

With its delicate shapes, fine materials and smart features, Villeroy & Boch's new Finion complete bathroom collection is making a stylish statement in the premium sector. Impress your customers with a wide selection of customisation options and present luxurious bathrooms in which every detail meets the most demanding modern lifestyle requirements.

• Vanity units, tall cabinets and side cabinets in the puristic Finion design language

• Modular vanity units with precisely faceted shelves

• High-quality surfaces in 10 gloss paint colours and 1 wood veneer as well as 2 stylish glass shelves for surface-mounted washbasins

• Shelves in a choice of furniture colours create individual highlights

• Indirectly lit shelves as well as units with an Emotion feature

• Push-to-open system for furniture panels instead of handles

Material ceramic (unspecified)
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Villeroy&Boch Bath&Wellness, Germany

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