La Diva

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Product description

A design of enduring beauty that will never lose its lustre: Inspired by multicultural influences from Asiatic and European handicraft, Villeroy & Boch presents La Diva, a concept for walls and floors offering a new interpretation for designing spaces: premium quality down to the last detail and brimming with personalised styling opportunities.
For design-oriented people, aesthetes and connoisseurs of demanding interior decorating who value representative living spaces, La Diva from Villeroy & Boch offers a huge variety of solutions and inspirations that meet their wishes for spatial concepts that create an exclusive living and home furnishing culture. The feeling for space La Diva conveys is distinguished and fashionable, but by the same token also tasteful in an ultimately refined manner.

For La Diva, handicrafts from a variety of countries and historical periods have been brought together and fused into a new, autonomous design with the unmistakable Villeroy & Boch signature. A variety of décors have been developed on the basis of this core principle, and each can be perfectly mixed and matched with the others: artful ornamentation, geometric patterns and floral elements that open up all sorts of playful spatial effects, from opulence to subtle accents. Each décor element has a relief and a metallic refinement. The premium quality of the tiling is additionally highlighted by the elegant colours tulipe noire, a dark and strongly expressive blackberry, pearl, a soft cream and gold accents in a used look.

The reserved design of the base tile displays a delicate and very elegant striped pattern that, together with the décor tile, turns any wall into a formally consummate creation. With the hand-set mosaic tile, refined with real gold to make it truly unique and turn any wall into a glamorous backdrop, Villeroy & Boch is underscoring its superb craftsmanship skill and artistic competence in tile manufacturing. The mosaic tile can be used as an independent accent or in harmonious combination with the decorative trim.

reddot winner 2010

Designpreis Deutschland 2011

cda 2010

Width297 mm / 447 mm
Height447 mm / 897 mm
gold / brass

Villeroy & Boch Tiles, Germany