Monochrome Magic

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Product description

Strong contrasts within a concept that allows scope for individuality. MONOCHROME MAGIC makes a statement about modern minimalism, using just a few elements to create a big impact. The range of nonvitreous wall tiles embodies the tension between light and dark, reduction and decoration. A style and attitude towards life that is particularly reflected in the preference of black and white, two colours that polarise and yet strike a perfect balance. As monochrome surfaces, they allow reliefs, forms and lines to come into their own for optimum effect.

Designs with MONOCHROME MAGIC not only use contrasting colours but also matt and shiny finishes, as well as smooth or relief décor surfaces in a delicate cube structure.

The wall tiles in large format 40 x 120 cm are particularly elegant; this format lends itself to use in shower areas and creates a sense of space in any room. The COSMO VISION range is a stylish addition for the floor.


Villeroy & Boch Tiles, Germany