Product description

The Tyde workstation rises and falls smoothly and soundlessly, making it easy to change between sitting and standing in the office – enabling healthier, more dynamic work situations.

Changing frequently between sitting and standing at work is healthy. Experts recommend spending about 40% of the workday standing and 60% of it sitting. This practice prevents health problems that can otherwise result from monotonous stress on the body. In addition, changing position stimulates the circulation, which in turn increases concentration and performance. Height-adjustable tables are a good solution to the question of how to best enable changing work positions. Typically, however, height adjustable tables are designed only for a single workstation. Tyde expands this concept and offers the benefits of an up-and-down movement for double workstations, conference tables and tables for project teams.

With Tyde, they developed a new family of height-adjustable tables whose necessary technology is well-integrated and noiseless. Tyde’s electrical motor is of a quieter type than that usually used. Further, this motor is well hidden in a cable duct under the table and covered by a sound-absorbing polyester fleece. But this newly-developed fleece material is not only a functional element to muffle disturbing noise. Used for vertical screens, which create a visual barrier between the worker and his environment, it becomes an effective surface area for the attenuation of ambient noise and visual distractions. Tyde consists of two round columns on sturdy feet. Its frame encompasses the table’s electrical technology, a cable duct, and the fleece screen. The table top as well as the screens are available in a wide range of surface materials, and there are many colours to choose from, as well.

Table finishtable with glider base
Table top shaperectangular
Functionsheight adjustable
Colorsshades of grey

Vitra, Switzerland

Erwan Bouroullec

Ronan Bouroullec