Deen table

Product description

Talking on a level playing field

A place that attracts you. A surface that wants to be touched. At a height that is just right. With a shape that is clear and open.

Meetings at a standing height table are always meetings on a level playing field. Because there is no difference between those standing and sitting. If you are already standing there, you have everything in view; if you are joining the group, you immediately feel welcome; and if you have to leave in the middle, you certainly don’t cause a commotion.

Meetings at Deen are encounters. The soft edge is inviting. The solid wood top, that looks like a tree trunk, exudes warmth, dignity and respect. And this is how special moments occur in public spaces, an office and at home.

Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
Colorsshades of brown
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Walter Knoll, Germany