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Product description

Presenting innovation. More than just a piece of  furniture. The new Walter Knoll Media Wall creates a special space. The  large screen is set into the wall behind glass. Top-quality speakers  ensure that special sound experience. The technology disappears in the  corpus and wall. Displays with full-HD resolution measuring up to 2.62  metres across make modern Media_Conferencing a breathtaking experience. A  multimedia orchestra of sound and pictures for presenting and debating,  for meetings and video conferences. Intuitive control by touch using  the iPad.

Width 3420 mm / 3670 mm / 3680 mm / 3930 mm
Height 2340 mm / 2520 mm
Depth 710 mm
Material glass (unspecified)
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Walter Knoll, Germany

Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

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for Media Wall

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