Aline-S skid-base

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New addition to the family - Aline-S by Wilkhahn

On the tenth anniversary of skid-base chair Aline, Wilkhahn’s presenting a new addition to the family. The seat and back frames of the new Aline-S series are covered with elastic membranes instead of transparent fabric. They are very comfortable, easy to clean and give the chair a striking look.

Finely grained membranes made of through-dyed, slatted pure polyamide were developed to cover the seat and backrest frame on Aline-S. The slats follow the characteristic curve of the back of the seat frame. They help keep bodies cool and comfortable due to different levels of elasticity in parts of the seat and backrest. The membranes are very high quality, pleasant to touch and easy to clean. What’s more they’re simple to replace should the necessity arise after years of use. Therefore, Aline-S is the ideal choice for setting s where style, practical handling and low maintenance are equally important factors. It’s excellent for canteens and cafés, salesrooms, public lobbies or multipurpose spaces.

In its basic, stackable design, the Aline-S series is available with unbreakable, glass fibre-reinforced seat and back frames, through-dyed, black or white polyamide membranes and with or without armrests. If dashes of colour are required, the chair can also come with a polypropylene seat shell and cut-foam cushioning. The seat covers are then chosen from the diverse Wilkhahn fabric collection. Aline-S can be precisely stacked with a maximum of 15 on the floor and up to 20 on an appropriate stacking trolley. The inline connectors are ingeniously simple ways of affixing the chairs in rows.

Seat finish without upholstery
Base finish with rockers
Backrest finish without back padding
Armrest finish without armrests
Functions stackable
Material polymide / nylon (PA)
Colors black
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Wilkhahn, Germany

Andreas Störiko

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