ON Swivel chair 171/21 with medium back rest

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Product description

Trimension lies at the heart of ON. Due to innovative, synchro-supporting 3D kinematics, the sideways inclination of the seat and backrest is integrated into a perfect and synchronous movement concept. Two separate swing plates move in the same way our thighs do. Ball and
socket joints connect the swing plates to the Flexframe, a combination of a flexible seat shell and extremely flexible back frame. Because the kinematics precisely mirror the natural functions and positions of the hip and knee joints, the body's centre of gravity stays in perfect balance
- no matter what posture you adopt or way you move. The joints, the spine, the dynamic muscles and the entire metabolism are all activated without causing fatigue. ON activates the metabolism - which is not just good for our health, but our level of productivity too.
The chair's design also embraces the new sense of freedom: ON is understated, spacious and appealing. ON immediately conveys trust, value and comfort.
The ON product family offers three backrest heights, three types of armrests and three types of upholstery. In terms of function and design, ON ticks all the boxes.

Seat finish with upholstery
Seat functions seat position adjustable
Base finish with castors
Backrest finish with backrest
Backrest functions adjustable to preset positions
Armrest finish with armrests
Armrest functions depth adjustable
Functions height adjustable
Material textiles (unspecified)
Colors chrome
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Wilkhahn, Germany


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