Winea X

Product description

The modular panel system WINEA X, developed by Kassel based designer Uwe Sommerlade, includes freestanding screens, desk panels, user movable panels for cabinets as well as ceiling-suspended panels. Thanks to its versatility WINEA X offers a wide field of applications: it brings structure to space, can be used as a colourful boundary element or as visual and acoustic protection right at the work desk. WINEA X lends a helping hand in sensible office partitioning, provides visual and acoustic protection as well as smart ways to organise the workspace and at the same time creates the needed privacy.

The WINEA X panels are made of fabric covered, 35mm thick carrier plates which can easily and quickly linked together. Thanks to its slim appearance, rounded edges, all-round piping and soft touch (foam filling) WINEA X brings ease and a cosy atmosphere into the office.

Wide field of applications
To optimise the use of square meters and bring structure to open areas, WINEA X panels can quickly and easily be connected with the characteristic X-connectors. They may be linked in a straight row or at individually chosen angles from 90° to 180°. A monolithic shaped plastic foot with a steel core, screwed to the panel, guarantees an optimum of stability. Alternatively a flat metal foot can be chosen. For use as a desk panel suitable adapters are available. Possible just as well: WINEA X used as cabinet add-on, user movable panel with utility boxes for feet or ceiling suspended panels, either wall-orientated or positioned anywhere in the room.

Endless design possibilities
With its wide choice of fabrics from the CAMIRA collection (100% polyester or 100% pure wool) WINEA X creates a lively and colourful interior. When linking elements, the characteristic X-connectors and the metal and plastic feet – in black and white – are a deliberate contrast against the coloured fabric. There is a choice of panels with a simple fabric covering or for a more sophisticated version with foam filling and piping. Screens, desk panels, cabinet panels and ceiling panels are available in various widths and heights.

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shades of violet
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Uwe Sommerlade