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The urban space is constantly changing, becoming gradually more animated as darkness falls – a gentle transition that is supported by the NIGHTSIGHT portfolio. This range of puristic outdoor light tools delivers both safety on roads and pathways and a welcoming atmosphere to encourage social interaction. The focused use of light and shadows, as well as the combination of vertical and horizontal light planes, enables the creation of differentiated scenarios. In this way, light becomes a formative tool for attractive cities, where urban spaces are increasingly evolving into active and lively places to meet and greet others.

The wellbeing of people in squares and on pathways is enhanced by the Area luminaire with softGlow optics, which uses precise light guidance to deliver excellent visual comfort. The Projector luminaire with a discreet darkBeam optic has been specifically engineered to illuminate facades and emphasise architectural details. The NIGHTSIGHT modular LED outdoor lighting system shapes urban life with a consistent design language and a clear focus on the individual.

Light regulation stepless dimmer
Stand/ mounting fixed mounting
Diffuser/reflector shape rectangular
Form of protection (DIN 40050) IP65 dust-proof/protection against: water jets

Zumtobel, Austria

Ben van Berkel

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by Zumtobel

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