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Yet Kristalia has gone even further with Thin-K Longo, a new version of this design project, featuring a top that is not only very thin but also considerably long: almost 3 metres. This idea has not arisen, so to speak, at the drawing table, but it is the outcome of a specific request for an extra long table from a Kristalia customer for the Blue Planet Aquarium in Copenhagen. Kristalia technicians are at work, having understood that the extremely long top of the Thin-K table could reach a truly impressive length while maintaining perfect linearity and sturdiness.

Naturally, to achieve this result, the legs and the under-top frame have been strengthened but these details have been concealed and are… a technical secret belonging to Kristalia. As if by magic, the top of the Thin-K Longo table appears to rise into the air: a very thin and perfectly coplanar surface, in two widths (100 cm and 120 cm) and in various lengths, from 220 cm to 295 cm. To perfectly finish tops of these dimensions, an ad hoc procedure has been developed, in which the under-top frame acts as a support during the lacquering stage: this is carried out using epoxy powders that are UV-ray resistant and weatherproof.

The aluminium top, in the fixed version, is available in a choice of coloured lacquers, or in European oak or black oak wood veneer with a brushed finish that highlights its natural grain: a touch of warm appeal and fine craftsmanship for a hi-tech table. Thin-K Longo is almost entirely made of aluminium, with the addition of a few steel components: therefore it is almost completely recyclable. Moreover, thanks to its high quality materials and manufacturing techniques, the lifecycle of Think-K Longo is also long, very long indeed, as for all Kristalia products.

Length2200 mm / 2400 mm / 2600 mm / 2800 mm / 2950 mm
Width1000 mm / 1200 mm
Height750 mm
Table finishfour-legged table
Table top shaperectangular
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Kristalia, Italy

Luciano Bertoncini

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