Database presence

Showcase your products in a selective brand environment in the Stylepark product database. Stylepark carefully curates the best products and solutions from the fields of architecture and design.

Please contact us if you wish to present your company and your products on Stylepark.

Featured Editorial

Take advantage of our experienced Featured Editorial team and present your content, relevant topics and specialized competence in an editorial context to create visibility and relevance among Stylepark readers.

Featured Projects

With our "Featured Projects" format you can present key reference projects in a diverse editorial context specifically geared to architects, interior designers, designers, real-estate developers and developers. You will inspire our readers and encourage them to employ your products and systems into their own projects.

Featured Article

Whether in the form of an article or interview, the goal of our "Featured Article" format is to generate new content and perspectives that strategically position your products, competencies and brand.

The editorial focus is crafted to the interest of Stylepark’s specialised target group.

Special or Featured Topic

A “Special” or “Featured Topic” is a thematically coordinated combination of editorial formats (Featured Articles / Interviews, Featured Projects) presented together in a separate special newsletter that is sent out to Stylepark´s 130,000 newsletter subscribers.

Online advertising

Stylepark offers an exclusive context for online advertising, wether on our website, with around 3,6 million users annually, or in our newsletter, sent weekly to 130,000 subscribers.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art advertising technology to convey your individual message to Stylepark readers by means of highly varied formats from the classic Superbanner to video-embedded formats such as a Video Triptychs.

Campaign planning

We take care of the entire planning, realization and success monitoring for all editorial features and online advertising formats you book. Should you wish to make use of our art direction for the design of advertising material, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thanks to our extensive network and experience working with architects, designers and interior designers, Stylepark is an ideal partner for your effective communication to this target group.

Clients include manufacturers from the fields of architecture and design, trade fair organizers, automotive firms and luxury brands.

Our services range from design management and the development of an overarching strategy to direct communication with architects via product innovation workshops, panels, lectures and networking events.

Architect communication

As recognized experts in the field, we know how to reach and interact with the target group of architects, designers and interior designers. We work with you to develop an overarching communication strategy that goes beyond your presence at Stylepark. We support you in the implementation of innovative ideas, projects and measures.

You benefit not only from our expertise concerning your target group, but also from our extensive sector knowledge in the premium sphere of architecture and design.

After analyzing your previous communication measures, we develop a customized strategy tailored to your needs, ideas and budget, which we then implement in close collaboration with your team. Success monitoring at each stage closely supports the process.

Selected list of clients and projects realized:

Stylepark Selected l+b 2018 Trendspot Design, Visiting Delta Light, Architects’ Lounge light+building 2016 and imm cologne 2016, Axor Innovation Project and London trip, Dedon, Axor Innovation Circle, Living Interiors, Featured Editions, Stylepark in Residence, The Design Annual, BAU guided tour for Merck, Stylepark Café l+b 2010, l+b 2004 Chandeliers, Workscapes Orgatec 2004, Merten Switch, Domotex

Design management

We advise companies on revising their product range. We put you in contact with established designers or promising newcomers to develop of new products and product lines and support you in planning anything from pop-up stores and trade fair booths to flagship stores.

Selected list of clients and projects realized:

Schirn Café, Pixy.Pieces, UIA 2002, Schneider Electric

Lectures / workshops / panels

Stylepark offers you various formats for information exchange, knowledge transfer and feedback panels. Depending on the specific task at hand, we compile suitable forums for you and invite relevant experts from our network.

Selected list of clients and projects realized:

Axor Workshops, architect@works lectures, ICSID design congress Hanover 2003

Market research

Leveraging our online expertise and offline network, we can filter, compile and interpret the information you desire from individual user polls to targeted surveys.

Networking events

Thanks to various events in recent years, Stylepark has earned itself a reputation as the perfect host and co-host of exclusive events.

In this context, we not only select suitable venues, interesting guests and culinary highlights, but also themes and programs.

Stylepark is more than a conveyor of information; we are the ideal partner when it comes to networking key players within the architecture and design scene. Together with Stylepark, you can be a host and at the same time effectively network to expand your horizon.

Selected list of clients and projects realized:

Stylepark Selected: Let's celebrate!, Una Notte Italiana, Cologne traditions, Audemars Piguet, cocktails for l+b and imm, showroom opening Tobias Grau, Bolon, V/S and Biegel, Findeisen, Salon Schmitz imm 2008, Designparcours 2004 Sparkling