CONDITIONS FOR USE is an Internet services provided by Stylepark AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany (hereinafter: Stylepark). The following terms and conditions should be observed as regards use of the product database and the information service offerings.

I. Legal remarks

1. Stylepark is an information platform specially for design and architecture, consisting of a database and an editorial news section with a newsletter service.

2. The database enables you to search for products with an architectural and/or design focus with details on manufacturers and distribution partners. The information made available in the database is based on statements from the manufacturers and vendors (hereinafter: manufacturers). We do not check the information provided by the manufacturers and therefore bear no liability for the accuracy and completeness of said information.
As per the German tele-Media Act, as a service provider Stylepark is not obliged to monitor the information transferred or stored or research for circumstances that could point to an illegal action on the part of the manufacturer. To the extent that Stylepark is informed of legal violations, we shall discharge our statutory duties and remove the information concerned from the website or block its use.

To the extent that in an individual case the information and images made available by the manufacturer violate third-party rights, in particular copyrights, trademark rights or patent law, claims must be brought directly against the manufacturer in question.

3. Stylepark is very diligent in compiling the articles and content made available in the news section and through our newsletter service. The articles are in part based on reports from news agencies and press releases. By using the Stylepark Internet services, no contractual relationship arises in the sense of an advisory or information contract. Stylepark is authorized to change the content provided free of charge on its Internet pages at any time or discontinue them completely. Stylepark expressly emphasizes that the content made available does not constitute a recommendation to buy. The contents cannot not substitute for expert advice in each individual case.

The opinions published in forums and commentaries are not made in Stylepark’s name but are the subjective view of the respective author.

II. Guarantee and liability

1. Manufacturers who publish information in our database are obliged to the best of their knowledge and belief to ensure that the statements the information contains are true. Nevertheless, typographical errors and other mistakes cannot be excluded. The manufacturers accept no liability for changes or mistakes. Since Stylepark does not check the information provided by manufacturers it can give no guarantee that said information is correct.

2. Stylepark takes great care researching the content of the editorial articles and contributions that are disseminated in the Newsletter. However, Stylepark can assume no liability for the content being ok, up-to-date and correct.

3. Stylepark cannot guarantee the constant availability and error-free nature of the services provided. Stylepark endeavors to enable constant accessibility of all information. However, it cannot exclude downtime of the services offered; Stylepark can assume no guarantees in this regard.

As regards information on products that Stylepark offers on behalf and for the account of a manufacturer, Stylepark accepts no liability for changes and mistakes. If Stylepark is stated as the contact partner for a product, then we act on behalf of the relevant manufacturer. In such a case, Stylepark assumes no guarantee for the accuracy and completeness of the information the manufacturer provides.

4. Stylepark shall be liable for damages, incurred for whatever reason, only in the event of willful intent or gross negligence on the part of its legal representatives, employees or other subcontractors. The same shall apply in the case of pre-contractual or secondary infringements and for unauthorized actions. This shall not apply to culpable violation of key contractual duties.

To the extent that Stylepark shall be liable this only applies to foreseeable damages. In such events, liability is limited to a maximum of EUR 3,000 per instance of damages. This shall not apply to cases in which a legal representative of Stylepark or a senior manager has acted with willful intent or gross negligence or another sub-contractor has violated a substantive contractual duty either willfully or with gross negligence.

The above-mentioned exclusion of liability and limitations to liability do not apply to fatalities, physical injuries, damages to the health or express assurances given.

III. Copyrights

1. Stylepark reserves all right to the contents. In particular, users are not allowed for commercial purposes to reproduce, change, publish, reprint or permanently store the information, contributions and articles published. An automated survey of the content on the Stylepark Internet pages is not permitted without our prior consent. We will take legal action against any breach of these terms and conditions and initiate measures under criminal law.

2. Stylepark shall be sole owner of the copyright to works it prepares and publishes (reports, articles, graphics, photos, films, etc.). Reproduction or use of copyrighted works in other electronic or print media is not permitted without Stylepark’s express prior consent. The same shall apply to third-party rights to the extent that these entail copyright to content on the Stylepark website.

3. The brands and trademarks mentioned on our Internet pages and in our newsletter are subject without limitation to the respectively valid trademark laws and the rights of the respective registered owners. Mere mention of the brand and trademarks shall not be construed as meaning that they are not subject to protection by third-party rights.

IV. Links and court of jurisdiction

1. Stylepark provides links to third-party Internet pages (links). Liability for these linked Internet pages is solely held by the respective operator. The content of an Internet page to which Stylepark provides a link is not part of the offerings Stylepark makes unless it explicitly states that this is the case. Stylepark assumes no liability for the content of linked Internet pages nor does it make these its own. At the time the link was made we were not aware of any illegal contents. We will immediately remove the link on learning of illicit or criminal content positive.

2. The use of Stylepark offerings is subject to German law. To the extent that the user is a commercial agent or acts on behalf of a legal entity or a special fund under public law, court of jurisdiction shall be Frankfurt/Main.