Skygarden recessed

Presented:Euroluce 2009, Milan
Categories: Interior lightingBuilt-in lightsCeiling built-in lights
Product description

“In my former house I had a fabulous antique decorated plaster ceiling. I called it my Skygarden, it always looked good even without me having green ingers or taking care of it very well. It didn’t need water or sun but would live only on the warm rays of

the electrical light under it. I loved it so much that by the time I moved houses I could not leave it. I had to find a way to take it to my new home. I took my tools and stole it from the ceiling. This fabulous pieces of history is now secretly hidden i

n a minimalist architectural sphere in the hearth of my new home where I can enjoy it with friends. “If you tell no-one, I can share it with you”. Marcel Wanders Just a few words suffice to introduce one of the latest creations by well-known designer Marc

el Wanders. Lyrical inten¬tions and disclosure of sources: this compact confession reveals the imaginary origin from which Skygarden draws its inspiration. Since its very first presentation, this light has become such a successful best seller that a new f

lush version is now available. When fitted flush with the ceiling, the outside hemisphere is no longer visible, enhancing still further the surprise effect that is one of the distinctive features of Skygarden. Its name recalls a fairy tale world and is a

good description of this creation, which is also permeated by the magical inspiration of discovery. Because Skygarden is first and foremost a place of poetic discovery, revealing its delicate plaster contours, sculpted with trophies of leaves and flowers

, only when we are beneath the light source. Wanders seems to want to show us how ideas often spring from daily experience, spurred by the cultured beauty of a scrupulous, visionary sensitivity like his own. Domes, apses and niches we are accustomed to as

sociate with that which is high and transcendental, merge together in this lamp to take on a human dimension and give us a sense of revelation in both domestic and professional settings. The sensation of sitting or standing under this big plaster sphere i

s a little like how you might feel entering the workshop of an artisan perfumer, or discovering the clever secrets hidden in masterpieces when seen from up close.

Width250 - 194 mm
Installation diameter3000 mm
Emission classA
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Flos, Italy

Marcel Wanders