Stylepark Selected Award 2022

With the Stylepark Selected Award 2022, Stylepark honours the best new products of the year. These are the award winners.

Since 2018, Stylepark has presented the Stylepark Selected Award to outstanding new products in the design and architecture sector. In addition to typological and design diversity, the selection rewards forward-looking aspects such as sustainable production, new technologies or multifunctional structures. The award offers an overview of current design developments and serves as a guide for architects, designers, journalists and design lovers.


Design: Altherr Désile Park

Jury statement:
The side table collection in a modular system offers numerous possibilities for individualisation, as the frame and top can be chosen flexibly. When selecting the surfaces for the frame and tabletop, attention was paid to compatibility and sustainability, such as with regard to VOC-free MDF, veneer made of FSC-certified European oak and recycled terrazzo.


"Stellar Nebula"
Design: Bjarke Ingels Group

Jury statement:
The luminaire family exemplifies the craft of glassblowing: each luminaire is blown into a mould and then heated again until the crystal glass is just about to melt. Each piece is thus unique and offers an attractive aesthetics both when clear and when illuminated.


"Axor Conscious Shower"
Design: Axor

Jury statement:
"Axor Conscious Shower" reduces the flow rate of water per minute to around six litres without any change in comfort. In the EcoSmart+ variant, the flow rate can be reduced even further. The overhead shower is also available in many elegant variants, thus ensuring that water resources are used sparingly without compromising on design.


Design: Moritz Bannach

Jury statement:
Strong colours, grand gestures – for the "Arco" coffee table collection, Moritz Bannach crosses two long boards to create an expressive sculpture. The colour and veneer can be individually combined for this. "Arco" is a "plus" in every respect – and also offers storage space at different heights.


Design: Marie and Annica Eklund

Jury statement:
"Truly" features five new patterns, including multicoloured squares, sparkling zig-zags, copper-coloured accents and chalky white surfaces that set the ideal stage for any appearance. In addition, the details of "Truly" are also impressive: The flooring collection is made from recycled material and with renewable energies.


Design: Marconato & Zappa

Jury statement:
The base of the "Pivot" table is special: the central table leg serves as a pivot for the three lateral legs, metal inserts divide each of the solid wood legs. In combination with the different versions of the table tops, an individual table sculpture can be created.


Design: Stefan Diez

Jury statement:
With "mudra", Brunner and Diez Office have reinterpreted the typology of the shaped wooden chair. The result is a stackable piece of furniture that is convincing thanks to its wide range of possible uses. The open loop shape in the backrest, meanwhile, offers a design recognition feature. All materials are flexibly interchangeable and can be separated by type.


"Main Line Twist"
Design: Camira

Jury statement:
The deep, warm look of the multicoloured strand of wool and flax lends an elegant touch to the classic tweet, which also has a pleasantly firm feel. Certified with the EU Ecolabel, the textile contributes to a pollutant-free room atmosphere.


Design: Pauline Deltour

Jury statement:
"Noto" is one of the last designs that Pauline Deltour was able to complete before her sudden death in 2021 – and is a prime example of her ability to create minimal design with refined details that appear coherent from the ground up. The graphic-looking chair, for example, consists of four rectangular upholstered surfaces that offer maximum comfort to the person sitting on them with elaborate seat padding and an elastic back. Small castors are installed in the front side panels for flexible positioning.


Design: Dallmer

Jury statement:
Dallmer and Pentair Jung Pumpen have jointly developed an active drainage system that enables floor-level showers even in existing buildings. Thanks to "Connect", it is not necessary to replace all the water and drainage pipes when renovating a bathroom in order to create a trip-free shower area – the system detaches the slope system and automatically pumps the water into higher-lying drainage pipes.


Design: Jonas Lutz

Jury statement:
With "Ilma", Jonas Lutz has created an armchair for e15 with an unusually clear form – the square solid wood frame holds the slightly curved backrest on two struts, as well as a wide strip of velvety-soft belt leather that serves as the seat. When the armchair is not in use, the webbing leather forms an almost straight line.


Design: Echojazz

Jury statement:
"EchoGrid" offers a new 3D insert system for existing as well as new standard grid ceilings. Without tools, the ceiling structure is simply plugged together and can also be partially unhooked at any time. The rooms can thus be optimised both acoustically and in terms of design in a sustainable way.

Elcom by hager

"Elcom Motion"
Design: Elcom by hager

Jury statement: The digital door intercom "Elcom Motion" offers up to 256 call stations, three possible access controls, which can also be combined, as well as remote management and the integration of a digital building structure.


"Luna Grande"
Design: Andreas Reichlin

Jury statement:
With a diameter of up to 196 centimetres, "Luna Grande" is the largest fire ring in the bunch so far – a functional, hand-forged sculpture which, thanks to its reduced form, provides a centre for the community as well as a haven of peace. The steel sculptor Andreas Reichlin has a particularly keen eye for detail and so the elegant fire rings are also characterised by extreme durability.


Design: Patricia Urquiola

Jury statement:
For "Almendra", Patricia Urquiola was inspired by the filigree aesthetics of an almond tree: Three, four or six modules, as desired, are attached to a central, branch-like pin that runs straight or in a gentle curve. These can be aligned upwards and downwards and thus offer the perfect lighting solution for every situation in the room. Almendra" also scores with regard to the material: the collection is made of recyclable bioplastic, a by-product of paper production, as well as extruded aluminium, which can be fully recycled.


Design: Hanne Willmann

Jury statement: With the extension of the "Nana" collection for Freifrau, Hanne Willmann has created a love seat and a sofa that function both in combination and as solitaires. Both pieces of upholstered furniture offer exceptional comfort and, despite their volume, appear light and inviting in the room thanks to their sensual shape.


"Gira Keyless Fingerprint"
Design: Gira

Jury statement:
The "Gira Keyless In Fingerprint" expands the "Gira System 106" with a module that enables keyless yet secure access to buildings. The system uses the biometric fingerprint of the user for access authorisation – the system can manage up to 100 fingerprints and also grant them temporary access via time switching if required.


Design: Sebastian Herkner

Jury statement:
With "Haven", Sebastian Herkner has designed an outdoor collection for Gloster that refers to the craft of seafaring with its solid teak frames. The combination of generous upholstery and clear lines has a homely and elegant effect, making the lounge chair, sofa, ottoman and coffee tables suitable for any setting.


Design: Relvãokellermann

Jury statement:
The "pipo" table by Relvãokellermann for gumpo appears solid, but offers maximum flexibility: the structure of rectangular or square top and round legs is surprisingly lightweight, can be assembled without tools, is individually adaptable and can be electrified with concealed cable routing. Thanks to the structure in the core of the top, there is no need for reinforcing metal crossbars and virtually all components are made of wood-based materials. "pipo" can therefore be manufactured in individual sizes according to requirements.

IVC commercial

Design: IVC commercial

Jury statement:
The new premium carpet tile collection "Imperfection" by IVC commercial not only offers a high level of comfort thanks to the EcoFlex™ Echo acoustic backing but also reduces impact sound by 25 percent and sound absorption by up to 100 percent. In addition, the high-performance back is made from 94 percent recycled polyester felt.


"Jung Home"
Design: Jung

Jury statement:
With "Jung Home", the installation effort for smart networking remains minimal, both in old and new buildings, because the system is based on conventional 230-volt installation. The basis for Jung Home is formed by system inserts, attachments and sockets that are connected to the existing electrical lines. If there is no device socket for power supply at the desired operating point, it is possible to install wireless push-buttons with battery operation instead. Jung Home" is controlled via the Jung Home App, which clearly bundles all functions as well as status displays.commercial not only offers a high level of comfort thanks to the EcoFlex™ Echo acoustic back, but also reduces impact sound by 25 percent and sound absorption by up to 100 percent. In addition, the high-performance back is made from 94 percent recycled polyester felt.


Design: Stefano Giovannoni

Jury statement:
Laufen has given the "ILBAGNOALESSI" bathroom collection by Stefano Giovannoni a new lightness with the patented material sapphire ceramic and the latest technology. A perfect complement is the matching bathroom furniture made of wood, with a frame structure made of aluminium and atmospheric LED lighting.


Design: Snøhetta

Jury statement:
With "Volum", Snøhetta has created a lighting collection for Lodes that illuminates the room with scalable pendant luminaires in four sizes: Mouthblownand made of matt or polished frosted glass, the luminaires look like a fascinating swarm of light, especially when combined. Thanks to the transparent cable, the impression that the spheres are floating in the room is further enhanced.



Design: BrogliatoTraverso

Jury statement:
BrogliatoTraverso know how to surprise with "Bouquet" for Magis – the wireless vase lamp combines function and decoration in one object. The light is activated and dimmed by a gentle touch, and the vase and luminaire can be separated from each other with a simple flick of the wrist. Both elements are available in many colours and can thus be creatively combined.

Martinelli Luce

Design: Studio Natural

Jury statement:
"Avro" by Studio Natural for Martinelli Luce offers a clever combination of lighting and power supply - other electronic devices can be connected to the socket in the lower part of the shade, so that no separate socket is needed. The glare-free light ideally illuminates the multifunctional workplace. In addition, thanks to its neutral shape, the pendant luminaire is also an ideal companion in all other living and working situations.


"Gioia equilibrio"
Design: Axel Meise

Jury statement:
The new "Gioia equilibrio" table lamp by Axel Meise offers a maximally flexible lamp body with a characteristically ring-shaped lamp head. All technical elements are not visible from the outside. The LED luminaires are also elegant to operate: both via app and directly on the luminaire head, "Gioia equilibrio" can be switched on, dimmed and aligned both upwards and downwards with a simple gesture.

Paola Lenti

Design: Robin Rizzini

Jury statement:
"Altopiano" by Paola Lenti convinces as filigree furniture that works indoors and outdoors. The dining table is now also available with a higher frame and a 106 centimetre high tabletop. The structure, meanwhile, allows tables up to four metres long to be assembled without the need for additional legs. Accessories in the form of round and rectangular shelves can also be flexibly positioned along the central axis of the frame. The cover plates and accessories are made of Glaze, for which the porcelain stoneware is glazed by hand.


Design: Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

Jury statement: With "Hevea", Victoria Azadinho Bocconi has designed a multifunctional pot holder that can be quickly transformed into a room divider - up to six polypropylene containers of different heights can be hooked onto the central steel bar, both spirally and in opposite directions. These can hold both plants and office utensils; if necessary, the pots can also be used to cool drinks.


Design: Pearson Lloyd

Jury statement:
"Revo" offers a total of 96 configuration possibilities with a system of sofas, tables, poufs and partitions to create scenarios for different working environments. In addition, there are numerous variations for the upholstery, which has a pleasantly homely effect thanks to the organic shapes. New fabrics made from recycled materials and the replacement of the previously used plywood panels with recycled expanded polypropylene also optimise the collection in terms of sustainability.


Design: Benjamin Hubert

Jury statement:
With the modular sofa system "Sabot" by Prostoria, flexible seating landscapes can be combined and supplemented with practical elements such as matching tables, poufs and planters. "Sabot" can thus be adapted to any desired context.


"Yori IP66"
Design: Reggiani

Jury statement:
"Yori" now also knows no bounds outdoors – Reggiani has expanded the existing collection with a new system that can be attached to trees as well as to fences or pylons with numerous accessories. The specially developed "No-Risk" technology offers protection for the integrated LED light source as well as for the built-in electronic components.


CO2 reduced glass fibre concrete

Design: Rieder

Jury statement:
Rieder has set itself the goal of converting its entire product range to cement-free material by 2027. In the course of this, the cement of the façade panels will be replaced by natural pozzolana, which has significantly lower CO2 emissions in the production process. The products "concrete skin", "öko skin" and "formparts" are already available with the Co2-reduced matrix in different colours.


"CombiSteamer V6000 45 Power Steam"
Design: V-Zug

Jury statement:
Fast, efficient and multifunctional – with the CombiSteamer V6000 45 Power Steam by V-Zug it is possible to save half the cooking time as well as energy without the dishes losing quality or taste.


Design: Neunzig°design

Jury statement:
For "Yonda", Neunzig°design have produced a seat shell made of sustainable BioComposite that appears light and dynamic despite its volume. The flowing form is reminiscent of archetypes of modern furniture design and translates them into a varied collection that is suitable for every living and working environment.


"Ad all"
Design: Mathias Hahn

Jury statement:
A wall hook, two mirrors, a screen and a step stool – "Ad all" by Mathias Hahn" offers essential occasional furniture and accessories in rounded shapes that, in addition to their formal aesthetics, also emphasise the craftsmanship of Zeitraum's woodworking. For the finishes, there is a choice between oak, stained oak and American walnut.