Glowing structures

In the form of "Coordinates" Michael Anastassiades has designed an elegant luminaire collection for FLOS offering a range of options from the subtle to the spectacular.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/4/2020

"Coordinates" can be described as softly glowing geometric lines that form grids and run the length of a room as if measuring it. They are indeed minimalist lighting objects that can be combined to create an eye-catching installation. "The challenge was to create something that has a sculptural character. Simultaneously, the collection needed to offer a variety of options for defining the space – ranging from the intensive to the pared-back," comments designer Michael Anastassiades. Essentially, his design for FLOS consists of aluminum tubes fitted with LED strips whose elements can be combined with one another. He took his inspiration from René Descartes’ mathematical concept of Cartesian coordinates in which the axes are positioned vertically to one another and all coordinate lines are at a constant distance to each other. "I not only studied visual arts but also civil engineering, so I look at things with a practically oriented mind, I seek out the structures," Anastassiades explains. Initially the system was only intended as feature lighting for the "Four Seasons" restaurant in New York City that was refurbished two years ago by architect Isay Weinfeld. Now in the form of "Coordinates" Flos has launched a system that can be employed in any conceivable setting: Among other things the collection includes four chandeliers in various sizes, three pendant luminaires, one standard lamp, and a repeatable module that can be either ceiling mounted or suspended. The overall effect differs depending on how the elements are combined and what began as a minimalist luminaire morphs into a complex statement. With 2700 k the light color has a warm underdone that is very easy on the eye. "I always want to achieve the perfect glow," says Anastassiades. The finish of the surfaces in champagne, alternating with the light strips, offers an exciting visual contrast. Flos’ collaboration with the London-based designer began back in 2011. "From the start I have been given a lot of creative freedom and received excellent support on all the technical issues," he says. And adds: "My collaboration with Flos is characterized by mutual trust and for me that is the key to creating visionary lighting solutions."

Einst war das Lichtsystem nur für die Ausstattung des Restaurants "Four Seasons" in New York City gedacht, das vom Architekt Isay Weinfeld vor zwei Jahren umgestaltet wurde. Nun bietet FLOS die Möglichkeit mit "Coordinates" jede denkbare Architektur zu bespielen: Zur Kollektion gehören unter anderem vier Kronleuchter in verschiedenen Größen, drei Pendelleuchten, eine Stehleuchte sowie ein wiederholbares Modul, das direkt unter der Decke installiert werden kann oder sich abhängen lässt. Je nachdem wie die Elemente kombiniert werden, verändert sich der Effekt im Raum: "Coordinates" wird von der minimalistischen Leuchte zu einem komplexen Statement. Die Lichtfarbe ist dabei mit 2700k mit einem warmen Unterton sehr angenehm für das Auge. "Ich möchte stets den perfekten Glow im Licht erreichen", so Anastassiades. Für die Finishes der Oberflächen kann indes zwischen Champagner und Silber gewählt werden, die im Wechsel mit den Lichtstreifen einen optisch spannenden Kontrast bieten. Die Zusammenarbeit von Flos mit dem in London lebenden Designer begann bereits im Jahr 2011. "Ich habe von Beginn an viel kreativen Freiraum erhalten und eine herausragende Unterstützung in allen technischen Fragen", erzählt er. Und fügt an: "Meine Zusammenarbeit mit FLOS ist geprägt von einem gegenseitigen Vertrauen und das ist für mich der Schlüssel für visionäre Lichtlösungen".

Michael Anastassiades