Michael Anastassiades has created an exquisite table lamp for FLOS, which gently illuminates the atmosphere of the evening.

When the dinner evening slowly turns into night, a lighting atmosphere is needed that is soft and indirect. It provides orientation, but even remains elegantly in the background. "Last Order" by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS perfectly underlines the special atmosphere of the evening hours. The basis for the small mobile luminaire is a custom lamp created by the designer for the Four Seasons restaurant in New York. A piece of glamour of the luxurious dining room now brings "LAST ORDER" into the world: made of crystal, brass and polycarbonate, the portable and rechargeable luminaire features a base of clear glass, available with smooth or fluted structure. The diffuser finish can be chosen from satin-finish copper and brass for the internal version to polished stainless steel and a green opal coating for the external version. The light shines diffusely and glare-free through the base, standing on its own and yet at one with the late hours, inviting you to order a last round and celebrate the moment together. (am)