For the 50th anniversary of the classic "Parentesi" luminaire, FLOS presents a new edition in Turquoise and Orange Signal.

The design of "Parentesi", once created for FLOS by Pio Manzù and finalised by Achille Castiglioni after his death, shows a flexible construction with a steel cable attached between ceiling and floor and a weight for stability. Meanwhile, a narrow steel tube, slightly bent at the ends, provides the base for the black socket and the LED lamp, which can be directed in any direction without cladding. The new edition is thus a homage to the progressive design of Pio Manzù, who also designed the Fiat 127, and the idea of Achille Castiglioni to let the minimalist pendant lamp become a flexible element in the room. In addition, the transparent original packaging was reintroduced with the new edition, which pays attention to every detail of the creation in the sense of the "Total Design" approach. (am)