Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby have expanded the "Bellhop" collection by FLOS with the new "Bellhop Floor" floor lamp.

The elegant "Bellhop Floor" floor lamp by Barber & Osgerby for FLOS has a cement base and a 178-centimetre-high shaft that can be lacquered in a variety of colours, from white to brick red and dark brown to green. In combination with the reflector made of glass in opal white or grey, the floor lamp appears elegant and reduced - like a long torch, it illuminates the room with soft LED light that can also be dimmed. "After 'Bellhop Portable' and 'Bellhop Outdoor', we decided to work on a floor lamp that fits into the collection but offers a completely different quality of light. While table lamps are often discreet and offer direct light, the new 'Bellhop Floor' has a more sculptural character. The archetypal elements remain similar to the existing collection; we have taken the head end of the 'Bellhop' and turned it upside down, we have also introduced a combination of new materials - concrete, aluminium, glass as well as bold lacquer colours," say Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. Once designed as a table lamp for the London Design Museum, "Bellhop" has thus grown into a varied family of luminaires that offers the right design for every room situation. (am)