The new wall luminaire "Flauta" by Patricia Urquiola for FLOS.

"Flauta", Spanish for "flute", is the name of the new wall luminaire by Patricia Urquiola for FLOS. The name already gives a strong indication of the shapes that inspired the designer: The cylindrical bodies of organs and flutes provided a basis. The small circular reflector that can be set at the bottom or top head of the luminaire takes the light and creates a decorative effect. The reflected illumination also highlights the structure of "Flauta", which is available with reliefs in striped or herringbone patterns. Made of aluminium, the luminaire can be used both inside and outside. And if you want to add a splash of colour, you are spoilt for choice between the intensive finishes in steel blue, copper, ruby red, black, white gray, anthracite, deep brown and forest green for the outdoor model. (am)