With the "Almendra" pendant lamp, Patricia Urquiola has created a modular organism for Flos whose design is based on the poetic aesthetics of an almond tree.

"Almendra" is the name of the new pendant lamp by Patricia Urquiola for Flos. Translated from Spanish, the soft-sounding name means "the almond". Inspired by its open shell shape, the designer has created a modular pendant lighting system whose natural reference is clearly legible. Three, four or six modules, as desired, are attached to a central, branch-like post that runs either straight or in a gentle curve. These can be aligned upwards or downwards and, equipped with LEDs, provide a pleasantly subtle, warm white light. The design is made of recyclable bioplastic, a by-product of paper production, and extruded aluminium, which can be completely recycled. Glue and screws are deliberately avoided, instead the luminaire acquires its shape by clicking the elements into place. "Almendra" is thus designed with the aim of reducing the impact on the environment to a minimum. For the finish, there is a choice of Off-White, Nude, Ochre, Anthracite, Bay Blue Metallized and Lilac Metallized. "The colours come from nature. I looked at the almond trees in Ibiza, starting from their green we chose the colour of an almendro, from the white colour of its flowers to the ochre of the branches and shells or the skin colour found on the branches," says Urquiola. (am)