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Woody mit Armlehnen

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Woody mit Armlehnen

01 product description

Product description

Providing convenience where people are temporarily at home, that is Woody's aim. At care centres, nursing homes or in the hospitality sector Woody, with its conventional proportions, quiet design and the colour of its stained beech wood, contributes geniality. Its legs pointing slightly outwards and the twist under its backrest render Woody a character of its own. Of course it is comfortable, thanks to the curve of its back and the shape of its seat. Its angular armrests extend to the front and invitingly offer their support when standing up. Woody can be upholstered with a rinsible fabric, making it suitable for use in private and communal areas as well as in canteens.

02 dimensions/weight

overall dimension  
550 mm
800 mm
540 mm
Height of armrests
665 mm
Seat dimensions  
Height of seat
470 mm