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Up Chair

Design: Martin Ballendat


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Up Chair

01 product description

Product description

Up-Chair is an extremely emotional product for the cafeteria seating area. In an artistic way the seat comes like a spiral from the inside to the outside and back again, producing the desired comfort. The comfort is also achieved through the use of an innovative manufacturing process of the shell. The material is called FREEFORM ADVANCED, an integral solid-coloured foam, whose molecular structure is very stable and partly self supporting. A metal insert is only necessary in the circumference of the shell allowing more flexibility and more comfort as well as lightness to the chair. Up-chair has very compact dimensions and is therefore ideal for cafeterias but also suitable for the avant-garde residential area. The shell is available in 5 fresh colours, the metal base is available both matt or polished chrome finish.

02 awards


interior innovation award 2012